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Faculty Newsletter: Second Quarter 2023

In this issue:

    PT Compact Education Module

    Do your students have questions about the PT Compact that you feel ill-equipped to answer? How confident are you teaching about the PT Compact, a major policy initiative that will impact careers? If you have been avoiding adding the PT Compact to your curriculum due to a lack of knowledge, there is a resource on the way!

    The PT Compact Education Module has been developed by educators for educators. Piloted in three different academic programs, this module is a complete tool ready for use. The module includes objectives, PowerPoints, video presentations, case studies, frequently asked questions, and learning activities.

    Plan to attend an FSBPT-hosted webinar with the module development team at 7:00 p.m. ET on June 14, 2023, to get more information.

    To register for webinars, please follow these steps:

    • Login to the FSBPT Portal.
    • (Note, this is different than your educator login. You may need to create a new account.)
    • Once you are on the portal, select "Events."
    • Click on the webinar you want to register for.
    • Follow the registration process.
    • Select "Register Now" (it may take a moment to load).
    • You will see a screen indicating the registration was successful and you will receive an email confirmation.
    • You can also use the calendar icon in the top right to add the event to your calendar. Please note, depending on your calendar and time zone settings it may not have the right time. The time is included in the calendar description. Please confirm your time settings are correct.
    • All done! We will send more information on how to join the webinar closer to the event.

    Changes to the NPTE


    Over the past year, FSBPT has been working diligently to continue to update and improve many aspects of the National Physical Therapy Examinations, from candidate registration to examination development and delivery. Some of these efforts have already been implemented, while others will take effect in 2023 and 2024. Learn more by reading this article, "2022 NPTE Updates: Research, Innovation, and Practice Analysis Updates," and watching our recent webinar, "The When, How, and Why of the 2024 NPTE Redesign." You can also find the new content outlines on the FSBPT website, as well as Frequently Asked Questions on all the upcoming changes to the NPTE.

    You may also want to register for the second iteration of "The When, How, and Why of the 2024 NPTE Redesign," scheduled for November 14 at 4:00 p.m. ET. (Please see the previous article for instructions on registering.) The speakers will discuss the background behind the upcoming redesign of the National Physical Therapy Examinations—the new content outlines and item types—and the timeline for these changes. We will also discuss the implications of these changes for licensing jurisdictions, educators, and candidates. There will be plenty of time for questions. (Please note, most of the content will be the same as the March 2023 webinar on the same topic. If you attended that webinar or viewed the recording, you may want to join this webinar for the Q&A portion, starting at around 4:40 p.m.)

    February 2024 Workshop for Educators

    While registration for our virtual Workshop for Educators in October is now full, you can plan to join us in Boston in 2024! The workshop will take place February 13-14, 2024, immediately preceding the APTA-CSM meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. The workshop will include presentations from FSBPT staff and trainers on item writing, test construction, preparing students for the NPTE, registering for and taking the NPTE, and other relevant topics. There will also be time for one-on-one assistance from trainers and staff.

    Secure your spot on the waitlist now by completing this form. Don't miss out on this invaluable chance to connect with colleagues and expand your educational toolkit.

    This Quarter's Question: What is the Impact of ChatGPT and Similar AI in Testing and Licensing Exams?


    Claims that artificial intelligence (AI) systems have passed some licensure exams have raised concerns about exam validity and test security. However, doubts remain over how AI systems were used in these exams and the extent to which researchers had to use judgment to identify correct versus incorrect responses. Learn more by reading "AI, ChatGPT, and Licensing Exams" by Lorin Mueller, FSBPT Managing Director of Assessment.

    What Students Need to Know: Updates to the NPTE Demo Exam


    The NPTE Demonstration Exam has been updated. This demo exam has sample PT and PTA questions and gives candidates the look and feel of the exams administered at Prometric.

    The demo exam includes the following updates:

    • The addition of scenario items. These item types will be on the NPTE beginning in January 2024. The demo exam has a PTA scenario with three questions and a PT scenario with three questions.
    • A third content section was added so that candidates can see both scheduled and unscheduled break screens.
    • The unscheduled break is now its own section. This makes navigating between sections much more straightforward for candidates.

    Get Involved: Learn, Grow, Write—Be an NPTE Item Writer!

    Item writing for the NPTE is a great way to gain expertise in crafting multiple-choice questions, share your knowledge of the profession, work with and learn from colleagues, and have fun! We will share more information about the 2024 workshops soon.

    If you or someone you know would like to participate in an Item Writing Workshop, learn more and apply or send an inquiry to volunteer@fsbpt.org.

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