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The Benchmarking Reports Have Been Updated!

The Benchmarking Reports were introduced in 2015 at the suggestion of the School Reports Task Force. These reports allow schools to select a set of five to ten “benchmark” schools that they want to compare themselves with. Since their introduction, we have listened to user feedback on what elements might make the Benchmarking Reports more helpful.

Recently, we introduced two significant changes to the Benchmarking Reports. The first change was to allow schools to select different graduation years for their comparison school. Schools can now select graduation cohorts one year prior and one year following their graduation cohort. For example, if a school has a graduation date of December 2018, they can select schools from 2018 or 2019 to compare with. Similarly, a school with a graduation date of January 2018 might want to compare their cohort with cohorts from other schools with 2017 graduating classes.

A second change was to improve the “modal,” which is the pop-up window from which a school can select their comparison schools. The modal now includes cohort years and sizes and a school name search. Additionally, the selection process allows users to limit school search results by state and graduation year.

We also added a “cancel” button to make it easier to stop the report generation process. Users might want to cancel the process if they made a mistake and wanted to start over or if they did not see the schools they wanted and decided to come back later when more data would be available.

We made some background adjustments and rearranged the reports a little bit, so if you have a report you’ve run previously, you can check in and see the new format. For more information, see our reports page and the NPTE School Reports Interpretive Guide


Videos for the NPTE

As you may know, FSBPT will be introducing video and scenario item types to the NPTE within the next couple of years. To accomplish this, we are filming videos that our item writers can use. Once we have enough videos and video items, we can move on to the next step, which is strategizing to include these on the exam and on the Practice Exam & Assessment Tool (PEAT).

Right now we are trying to capture videos in clinics with real patients! If you own or work at a clinic where we could film, please reach out us.

We are interested in capturing all types of videos that could be used to write entry-level PT or PTA questions. If you have a patient who has a visible positive result for a specific test or measure, they might be a good candidate for a video! It is important that we have a wide variety of videos, patients, and settings because the videos must be representative of the entire physical therapy practice and population.


School Services Survey: Be on the Lookout!

FSBPT is planning to launch a survey on the services we provide to schools. We want your feedback on which services you use, how helpful they are, and what would make them more helpful. Look for the survey in your inbox!


This Quarter's Question:

Why does FSBPT Charge for School Reports and Performance Feedback Reports?

FSBPT currently provides four School Reports with varying amounts of detail at different costs. You may use the School Reports to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your program and help improve the pass rates of your students. You can also use the reports to benchmark against the national average.

If individual students do not pass the NPTE on their first attempts, they may wish to purchase a detailed Performance Feedback Report. This is a descriptive diagnostic score report available to all physical therapist and physical therapist assistant candidates.

We are sensitive to candidate costs and all of our fee structures are overseen by the finance committee. However, additional products have fees because they require significant organizational resources to administer and maintain. Not all candidates or schools make use of these services. Rather than incorporate the cost of providing the services into registration fees, we charge those who elect to use the services. Additionally, research has shown that candidates who purchase the Performance Feedback Report use it more and have higher subsequent scores.

We also provide complimentary services. For example, all educators have access to our basic school reports as well as free basic pass rate reports that are accessible from the educator's dashboard. Candidates also receive a free score report.

We strive to provide value for all of our services. We hope these resources are helpful to you and your students. 


What Students Need to Know:

Find Us at the National Student Conclave

FSBPT staff will be at the 2019 APTA National Student Conclave in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Find us at Booth 213 in the Exhibition Hall Friday and Saturday, November 1 and 2. We will have information on the NPTE, PEAT, PT COMPACT, and much more. Bring your questions!


Get Involved:

Learn how to Become an NPTE Item Writer

Serving as an item writer for the NPTE is a great way to share your expertise, network with colleagues, and contribute to the examination development process. As a volunteer, you will attend a weekend workshop hosted by FSBPT staff and experienced NPTE volunteers and learn how to develop NPTE-style items. Many of our item writer volunteers enjoy their experience so much that they go onto to join various committees and task forces where they continue to support the mission of our organization in many different ways.


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